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Hard worker who enjoys a helping hand

I have been working in the mine s in far north Queensland for a number of years now and spend most of my time deep underground working the face with a jumbo and not what I would call friendly blokes, So when I have time off I like to make the very best of it I don't have a wife or kids to worry about, so apart from looking at real estate, bikes and cars to buy, I like to spend my time scouring the bars and beach areas that Queensland has to offer looking for the ladies, I find life a lot less complicated if I meet up with an advertiser from an escort directory and alot less time consuming and lighter on the wallet as well, I prefer to use a Townsville escort directory because these girls are local and available at short notice they also have a very cute line up of girls on townsville escorts,and they are all stunners, well I supose you well know what its like after a night out with the boys or after an exciting game of footy at the local footy fields, and not wanting to stop the adult entertainment by spending the rest of a night alone beating off to sex vids and car magazines,fuck that I get enough of that fun back a camp, occasionally 

I like to spoil my self and fly a Townsville escort up from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I like to do this for a treat sometimes just to make my self feel special, I like to go all out and have them be whisked away from Brisbane or the Gold Coast airport to townsvilles airport and dropped off to a nice restaurant overlooking Queensland fantastic beautiful beach side restaurants, I believe in total relaxation when I am on my time off and to have the company of a female escort for a dinner date and a no strings attached rendezvous at the end the evening is the best way I can recharge my exhausted run down battery from seven days a week twelve hours a day hard toil and graft.